Re-opening of Senior High School

The Conference of Heads of Assisted Senior High Schools (CHASS) in the Northern, North East and Savannah Regions wish to announce to the general public that schools re-open for all SHS 3 and SHS 2 Gold Track students on Monday, 22nd June, 2020.

Parents, Guardians as well as SHS 3 and SHS 2 Gold Track students are to note the following in relation to the re-opening of schools:

  1. Re-opening date is Monday 22nd June, 2020.
  2. Reporting time is from morning to 5:30pm. No student should report to school after 5:30pm on any day.
  3. All students and parents who bring their wards must report in facemask.
  4. Each student must first report to a designated point determined by the school authorities to go through the arrival protocols before entering the dormitory.
  5. All day students in boarding schools must report as boarding students. Such students must come along with basic boarding school items.  E.g. mattress, bedsheet, plate/bowl, drinking cup, cartulary, bucket etc. Please Note: Sharing of personal belongings would not be allowed.
  6. Parents should please prepare their wards adequately to last the period of six (6) weeks for SHS 2 Gold Track students and eleven (11) weeks for SHS 3 students.
  7. Visiting of wards by parents would not be allowed.
  8. The general public is informed that no school compound should be used as a thoroughfare.
  9. Students who break bounds will be sent back to their parents and would be allowed only to enter the school to write their exams.
  10. No open exeat and no signing of exeat whilst on campus.
Author: Pagnaa