Notice of beginning of Second Semester 2019/2020 Academic Year

The first semester of the 2019/2020 academic year ends on the 28th February, 2020.

All students, except SHS 3 are allowed to go home and return on 4th March, 2020 to enable the school prepare for the Ghana’s Independence Day Celebration on the 6th March, 2020 However, academic work starts on Monday 9th March, 2020.

SHS 1 Gold track students are going on vacation and will return to school on 9th May, 2020.

SHS 2 Gold track students are returning to school on 4th March, 2020 to complete their first semester.

Green track students are only breaking for few days to refresh and to start the 2nd semester classess on the 9th March, 2020.