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It is our pleasure to have you visit the page of the Science Department, Pagnaa. The PE, ICT and Maths units fall under the ambit of the Department. Our core mandate is to enable our students discover and fulfil their potential in various fields of science at the tertiary level and also prepare them for careers in an ever-changing global village. Thus, in consonance with the school mission and vision, we have put in place feasible and realistic strategies and plans as our enacted curriculum to equip our students with basic and innovative knowledge and skills in both the practical and theoretical lessons. The department is endowed with dedicated, competent, selfless, experienced and qualified trained staff who discharge their mandatory duties with the best of their capabilities.

Subjects studied include; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (Elective), English Language, Social Studies and Elective ICT.

The Department further seeks to achieve the best department ever by producing a high caliber of students imbued with the requisite knowledge and skills necessary for them to enroll into Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and all the discipline in the Sciences in the universities. As a dynamic Department, and in view of the changing perception people have about science as a difficulty discipline, the Department has re-examined its role and relevance to the girl-child in science and is positioning itself to contribute more to achieve the school’s mission and vision.

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