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The General Arts Department has been in existence and functional since the inception of the school. Its is the largest in terms of students’ population and staff membership.

The mission of the department is to apply modern methodologies and techniques in teaching and learning that seek to produce excellent academic performance and good moral training among students. It has the vision of producing well qualified students, who upon further education, will fit into various shades of careers and to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. The department over the years has attracted and continue to attract hardworking, well trained and highly motivated staff who work towards the achievement of the stated mission.

Subjects studied include; Economics, Geography, History, Literature – in – English, Government, French, Christian Religious Studies, Islamic Religious Studies, Dagbani, Elective Mathematics, Social studies and Elective ICT.

Subjects studied under the General Arts programme are carefully combined to enable students have a wide range of selection of courses of study at the tertiary level and other institutions of further studies.

In addition, the department develops student’s knowledge and skills by emphasizing theoretical and abstract thinking while incorporating practical application as the bases for future learning and problem solving.

It is the expectation of the department that, its products will work hard in order to occupy key positions in their fields of work and contribute their quota to our socio-economic development.   

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